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How to Make a Cattail Survival Torch [VIDEO]

Making a cattail survival torch the fun and easy way, and here’s how it’s done.

Using a little lamp oil and a freshly picked cattail, YouTube user bushcraftbartons shows how quick and simple it is to make a primitive torch that will last as long as six to eight hours!

Here’s how he does it with a look at the other ways to make a cattail burn like a torch.

You can even make a cattail survival torch using animal fat or grease. Having a little lamp oil handy is a good way to get started, but in the woods we just can’t rely on that. This thing will last so long, it can even be used to carry flame to another campsite!

It’s always a good idea to have things well planned and well packed when leaving to camp or just on a hike. This video shows several good ways to make the best use of what Mother Nature has to offer.

As with anything, using fire can be dangerous. Know what will burn and how long. Make sure to put out your fire and bury the ashes with dirt.

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How to Make a Cattail Survival Torch [VIDEO]