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How to Make Your Own Cane Fishing Pole

Learn how to make a cane fishing pole with paperclips, tin-can, hemp chord, and a little elbow grease. 

If you've ever wanted to make a can fishing pole, but thought it was too hard this video will show you all it takes is a few materials and a bit of work on your end.

Watch this video and see how to make a cane fishing pole in an easy and efficient way so you can have another rod in your quiver, so to speak.

Now you know how to make a cane fishing pole, right? Below are a few important things to remember before making your own.

When making the handle, remember to use thicker hemp cord to secure the reel. To make the eyelets, all this guy used was a pencil and paperclips. The reel is probably the hardest part on this cane fishing pole, but this guy breaks it down pretty well in the video. In case you missed a few things, he used a wooden dowel and made the ends narrower to increase the functionality of the reel. Also it's key that you use a can with a lid.

Although this cane fishing pole isn't the nicest, most durable rod you can own keep in mind that it's not the fish you catch, it's the journey that lead you there.


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How to Make Your Own Cane Fishing Pole