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How to Make Brass Knuckles…Err…Paperweights From Spent Brass

brass knuckles

Learn how to put your spent brass to good use with this video on how to make brass knuckles.

Are you tired of throwing away all of your spent brass from recreational shooting? If you don’t reload at home, tossing all of those empty shells can feel like a waste. Maybe you even have a bucket of them sitting in your garage waiting for some as yet to be determined project. If that is the case, then this brass knuckles project might be just the thing you were looking for.

This project is definitely pretty involved. You’ll need a way to melt the brass, some basic metalworking knowledge, and a few other tools. If you have all of that, or just a passion to learn new skills, then making these brass knuckles, which double nicely as much more legal paperweights, is a great place to start.

At the very least, this video is very informative and fun to watch. Even if you don’t wind up making your own brass knuckles, the video is definitely worth the time to watch. Just don’t blame me if this video leads you into the dreaded YouTube vortex of video watching!



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How to Make Brass Knuckles…Err…Paperweights From Spent Brass