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How to Make the Best Hunting Blind for Turkey Season

Leave your pop-up hunting blind at home. The best blind material is waiting for you at your spot.

Sometimes hunting blind technology doesn’t quite do the trick and you just have to operate on a more natural level to blend in. Over the last decade, pop-up hunting blinds have allowed us to hunt in spots with little or no cover within minutes. Find the perfect spot, deploy your tent, and you’re up and running, right? Sometimes, their size, camo pattern or shape either stand out or make it tough to shoot from, especially during a spring turkey hunt.

As this hunter shows us, there’s a much better way to blend in this turkey season.

No matter how perfect your hunting blind might be, you can’t ever be over camouflaged when hunting turkeys, because their incredible vision will bust you every time.

The Ghil-Leaf jacket from Cabela’s is no doubt one of the easiest ways to remain hidden against hardwoods and brush piles alike during turkey season. With its maple leaf design, each row of micro-fleece will not only keep you hidden, but also keep your movements whisper quiet. If you’re a bowhunter and want to make sure that you can easily draw your bow, trimming this jacket is simple and will give you a totally custom outfit.

This jacket not only performs flawlessly in the elements, but is also super functional with a hood, full zipper and two large cargo pockets. Well done, Cabela’s!


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How to Make the Best Hunting Blind for Turkey Season