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Make Your Own Ballistics Gel with This Simple Process

The process to make your own ballistics gel is easier than you think.

Anytime you see a TV show or YouTube video testing out some type of weapon, they are almost always using ballistics gel.

This gel is supposed to show what the weapon would do to the flesh of the target on impact. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of damage your favorite weapon would inflict, you can easily make you own ballistics gel and test it.

Watch this brief video to figure it out.

Pretty simple.

In case you missed it here is everything you will need.

Store bought gelatin
– Cooking spray
– A container of some sort
– 1 cup hot water for each 1 ounce of gelatin

Simply combine gelatin and water, then heat over medium heat to the point of liquifying. Remove all of the frothy gunk that appears. Let cool completely in the refrigerator, then reheat and liquify. Once it is again completely melted, pour into your spray coated mold and put in the refrigerator.

Looks pretty easy.

Good luck using this very simple method to make your own ballistics gel.



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Make Your Own Ballistics Gel with This Simple Process