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How to Make Arrow Fletchings from Turkey Wings [VIDEO]

Making your own arrow fletchings from turkey wings is a great way to use a part your bird that is usually thrown away.

Imagine the thrill you’ll feel when you put down a fall bird or next year’s spring gobbler with an arrow fletched with feathers from a turkey you killed.

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Watch the video to see just how it’s done.


Turkey feather fletchings work well with both compound and traditional bows. For the best results make sure you:

  • Use feathers from the side on each arrow (right wing with right wing).
  • Group your feathers to ensure uniform fletchings.
  • Strip or split and grind your feathers.
  • Use a fletching jig to apply the feather fletchings.

Turkey hunters are always looking for creative ways to use various parts of these magnificent birds. Wing feather fletchings are a great way to preserve the memory of your hunt and may even help you connect on a future hunt.

If you are lucky enough to take a bird this spring, give this a try.

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How to Make Arrow Fletchings from Turkey Wings [VIDEO]