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Who Wouldn't Want to Make an Aztec Sword?

With a few simple tools and a bit of knowledge you can make an Aztec sword in a few hours.

The Aztec were some of the mightiest warriors of history. Fierce Aztec warriors instilled fear in the hearts of their enemies and were able to control huge swaths of territory in Central America. Not only did they have a large fighting force, but their weapons wrecked devastation during battle.

Perhaps the most iconic Aztec weapon is the Aztec sword. More appropriately called the macuahuitl, it was the last thing many people saw before leaving this world. In addition to being absolute poison on the battlefield, it had an intimidating look to it as well.

If you think an Aztec sword would be a neat addition to your man cave, watch this video to see how easy it can be to make.

As you can see, it requires only a few bushcraft skills to complete. A little flintknapping knowledge, some gluing, and carving. In the matter of a few hours you could easily have an Aztec sword to show off.

The Aztec used this weapon to dominate their region of modern Mexico prior to the arrival of Europeans. Their capital city of Tenochtitlan rivaled the most prosperous cities of the world, European cities like Rome included. In fact their civilization was so advanced the first European conquistadors marveled at the temples and markets in the capital city.

It is believed Tenochtitlan had a population of around 200,000 people. This large population in one area far surpassed the local area's ability to feed itself. Here is where the Aztec sword came in handy.

Aztec warriors routinely embarked on missions to extort local tribes. On these missions they would bring their military might and demand tribute from the tribes. In other words, to avoid being wiped out by the powerful Aztec army, the smaller communities would give up things like food, shells, and gold as payment. It worked fantastically for the Aztec and was the real source of their power. Had they not been able to extend their reach beyond Tenochtitlan there is no way they could have grown as large of a population.

Who knows how powerful the Aztec would be today had it not been for the steel weapons and armor of the marauding Conquistadors.


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Who Wouldn't Want to Make an Aztec Sword?