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Make a Glass Bottle Arrowhead: “Forbidden by Federal Law”

Finding an old James Beam whiskey bottle with a ‘reuse forbidden by federal law’ imprinting Shawn Woods ignores the warning and knaps a bottle arrowhead. 

Shawn Woods continues his junkyard flintknapping series by finding an old Jim Beam whiskey bottle in a dump site. The bottle is an old one, possibly quite old. It has a warning that reads “Federal Law Forbids Reuse of This Bottle”. Woods, tongue in cheek, decides to ignore the federal warning and reuses it to make a bottle arrowhead.

The glass is old and brittle, and is quite thin, which presents some new challenges for Woods.

He knaps the arrowhead as he has in his previous fruit glass and johnstone video tutorials. But the glass from this bottle is thin and breaks rather easily.

So, he has to adjust his knapping technique slightly. So, he uses the antler bopper less and the nail pressure flaker more. The glass is so thin, as a matter of fact, that he cannot drive flakes from the entire surface as he might with a thicker piece, and he leaves a portion of the central section of the arrowhead mostly clear and untouched.

He attaches the bottle arrowhead to an arrow shaft with the aid of some pine pitch glue and sinew wrapping, creating a strong and secure bonding of the broadhead to the shaft. It’s quite a lovely piece of work, very attractive and even delicate looking.

But make no mistake, this is an arrowhead that is worthy of hunting and bringing down game.

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Make a Glass Bottle Arrowhead: “Forbidden by Federal Law”