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How to Make a Folding Knife From an Old Circular Saw Blade


Here’s a good use for any old circular saw blades you might have laying around. 

People are being pretty resourceful these days and are re-purposing all sorts of items into folding knives. Recently we’ve seen everything from an old wrench to a piece of rebar and even an old Jeep leaf spring are being re-tooled into not only functional, but cool-looking knives.

Here’s the latest cool recycled cutting tool, this one utilizing an old circular saw blade.

Definitely some impressive skills on display here. In this day and age, recycling and cutting down on our garbage is more important than ever. It’s nice to see people coming up with such creative ways to utilize old things that would otherwise be useless.

I always watch these videos in absolute astonishment of the final product produced. This thing looks like it came off a store shelf and not from random junk that can be found in most any garage!

These re-purposed item knifes aren’t just a good reuse of old materials, some of these are genuine pieces of art.



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How to Make a Folding Knife From an Old Circular Saw Blade