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Major League Baseball All-Star A.J. Burnett Retires to Go Fishing [PICS]

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Major league pitcher A.J. Burnett retired from baseball after 17 seasons and plans on doing a lot of fishing.

After a long and productive 17-year career in major league baseball, pitcher A.J. Burnett has called it quits.

What he hasn’t given up on is his desire to go fishing.

Burnett, who made his first career all-star team and even has a no-hitter to his credit, said, “I joke around and tell a lot of people that I’m really a good fisherman, and baseball’s just a hobby.”

NY Post
NY Post

Once he decided that he wanted to be a professional baseball player, somewhere around the age of five, Burnett pretty much gave up his summers to it.

Now that he has the free time that he never knew in all those years, he’s just as committed to being the best angler he can be.

He’s even been quoted as saying that he wants to enter the right tournament, win it, and qualify for the Bassmasters Classic some day.

The 38-year-old Burnett seems to understand the deep connection all fishermen have to being out on the water.

“You’re alone; it frees your mind up a little bit. I compare it to pitching. One pitch at a time, one cast at a time. You can throw 500 casts out there and not get a bite, but I can make another cast, another pitch.”

Time will tell how far his passion for fishing will take the former major league pitcher.

Until then, we’ll have to wait and look for him to post some great pictures like these.

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Major League Baseball All-Star A.J. Burnett Retires to Go Fishing [PICS]