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Major California Gun Bills Move Forward: Almost Every Gun Owner is Affected

Six new gun laws stand to make law breakers out of gun owning California citizens as early as Jan 1, 2017.

California Gov. Brown just signed six sweeping California gun bills that could potentially force citizens to surrender weapons and magazines.

These laws were expeditiously pushed through the California assembly and senate. We watched them move quickly across in a span of about four months. Now that they were signed by Gov. Brown and the constituents of this state have to brace for the future.

The first law that was signed was Senate Bill 880. This law makes all rifles that have a detachable magazine and a bullet button illegal.

Owners must register them at a future date as assault weapons, and undergo the process that it entails for those wanting to keep their firearms in the state. (Senate Bill 880) (Assembly Bill 1135)

The second law signed into the state requires that each individual purchase of ammunition, will require a background check in order to take possession of the purchase. (Senate Bill 1235 )

Also, owners of rifles that use a magazine of 11 or more cartridges, must surrender those magazines their local law enforcement agencies as of the beginning of 2017. (Senate Bill 1446)

California gun owners will no longer be able to loan their firearms to family members or whomever they choose without a 10 day waiting period and having a DROS form on file with the DOJ even if the rifle was not sold. (Assembly Bill 1511)

Plus, a 10 year prohibition will be the penalty for any citizen who falsely reports their firearm lost or stolen and gets convicted of the act. (Assembly Bill 1695)

These laws affect the rest of the nation as local governments will see what laws stick in both the federal appeals courts and even as high as the supreme court. There is also the problem of ordering the ammunition online. Ammo companies from other states will now not be able to ship to California unless an FFL receives the order.

With the stroke of the pen, the nation's gun laws were affected by the decisions of this state alone. These laws are likely to be challenged, however, most of the time a stay is implemented and it's business as usual until a higher court rules otherwise.

What does it mean for the future of gun ownership, in California and elsewhere? We'll keep an eye on the developments and continue to report.

Stay safe keep training.


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Major California Gun Bills Move Forward: Almost Every Gun Owner is Affected