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Major Florida Boat Accident, No Water Necessary! [VIDEO]

Boat accident on the water...nothing new. Boat accident on the turnpike? That's gotta hurt!

On Tuesday afternoon, some unlucky angler never made it to the coast.

The boat, unfortunately, wasn't properly attached, and it slipped off its trailer causing record traffic delays for endless hours, frustrating commuters who were just trying to get home.

Instead of drifting about on the Atlantic Ocean fishing the day away, the overturned vessel caused the traffic tie-up of the year.

7 Skyforce flew over the scene after the vessel slipped off its trailer, halting traffic and ending up in the southbound lanes near Interstate 75. Eventually road crews were able to hoist it back onto the trailer.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported. Except maybe the owner's pride.

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Major Florida Boat Accident, No Water Necessary! [VIDEO]