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Major African Airline Bans Endangered Animal Trophy Transport

South African Airlines has announced a ban of endangered animal trophy transport.

In a bold move, South African Airlines has made the decision to stop allowing hunters to fly with the remains of endangered animals that have been hunted on African soil.

Information of the ban came out on April 25, when the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa published internal documents that revealed the airline’s embargo intentions. South African Airlines then released a statement saying the ban had been in effect since April 21, and influenced all passenger and cargo flights.

No exceptions, including permits “issued by the relevant authorities” to transport lions, tigers, elephants or rhinos through international or national flights, would be allowed.

South African Airlines is the largest and most prolific airline on the continent, and

The announcement comes at a critical point in the somewhat controversial practice of hunting endangered animals, which pro-hunters argue is vital to not only the animal populations as a whole, but the local African economies as well.

Opponents to the hunting of endangered animals feel as though no life is worth sacrificing no matter the benefits.

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Major African Airline Bans Endangered Animal Trophy Transport