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Maine Teenager Brings Home First Big Buck, a 254-Pound Monster

Bangor Daily News

Zach Ramsdell tagged a whitetail buck in the town of St. Albans, Maine that weighed 254 pounds field dressed!

Ramsdell, 19, has been hunting since he was 10 years old, and has already had his share of success. However, as the teenager from St. Albans recently found out, filling out your tag on a big buck takes hard work and a little luck.

“I sat in the morning, and didn’t see anything, so I went home and had lunch,” Ramsdell said. As many hunters know, long periods on stand without seeing deer can be the norm, and sometimes you walk away with no luck at all.

Little did he know, but all that was about to change.

Not long after returning to his stand something caught the young hunter’s eye. “I had just sat down and gotten comfortable,” he said. The buck was on the run and if Ramsdell hadn’t reacted quickly, it would have just been another story about the trophy that got away.

Rams dell said, “I don’t know what scared him, but he was right on a dead run when he came by me. I got ahead of him and got him in my crosshairs and pulled the trigger.” Suddenly the 19-year-old college student was standing over a wall-hanger and wondering how he was going to get the brute out of the woods.

“I called for help,” said the stunned Ramsdell, and help is what he got.

The Ramsdell’s are well known in the area as a deer hunting family unit. All told the dragging crew that came to Zach’s aid was none other than his father Rodney Ramsdell, his brother Kobey Ramsdell, uncles Jason and Ryan Ramsdell, and his cousin Nick Ramsdell.

Bangor Daily News

Even though as he said “we took turns dragging” it still “…took us the rest of the day to get him out”

The monster whitetail would weigh in, including heart and liver, at 254 pounds field dressed!

The big deer wowed the community of deer hunters. According to the Ramsdells hunting in St. Albans is a way of life. Several residents offered to help Zach pay for his head-mount knowing that he is a college student with little extra money.

“It shows the kind of people that I have around me and that we have in the community,” he said.

Congratulations, Zach! This is a buck we know you’ll never forget.


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Maine Teenager Brings Home First Big Buck, a 254-Pound Monster