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This Compilation Will Make You Want to Go Moose Hunting in Maine [VIDEO]

If you are looking for a great place to hunt moose in the states, look no further than Maine.

Going after the large and majestic moose is one of the top dream hunts on most outdoorsmen’s list. While the most sought-after place for moose hunts is obviously up in Alaska, you would be surprised to find some very fine moose hunting in the small state of Maine.

OMM Moose Hunts specializes in guiding and outfitting hunters on hunts in the state of Maine. They compiled a list of their top five favorite hunts from the 2014 moose season which include those taken with rifles, bows, and even muzzleloaders.

This compilation of hunts will make you want to go moose hunting in Maine.

All of these hunts were well executed and will be very memorable for the hunters. You can tell the guys from OMM Moose Hunts definitely put in the time and effort to make sure their customers have the best experience.

I have wanted to try to take out a moose for a very long time now. My hunt is going to be a little trickier considering I want to use a traditional bow and arrow to hunt them with. I may just have to give these guys a call when the time comes to see what they can do for me.

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This Compilation Will Make You Want to Go Moose Hunting in Maine [VIDEO]