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Maine Game Wardens Help Save Trapped Deer [VIDEO]

A trapped deer is injured within an enclosure, and these Maine game wardens must figure out how to set it free. 

The trapped deer in this video has more then just a fence to get around, there's also a herd of red deer blocking its way.

Watch this brief clip as a number of Maine game wardens must decide the best method to set this trapped deer free again.

As you just saw in this case with the trapped deer, sometimes situations just work themselves out. Did you notice how intimidating that herd of red deer looked? It's understandable that the trapped deer just decided to run for it based on that herd's attitude.

Although these wardens thought it would be best to force the deer into an opening they created, the trapped deer had other ideas. It just decided to exit the way it came in.

Next time you want to help a trapped deer get free, remember what you saw in this video because sometimes the easiest solution is the best.

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Maine Game Wardens Help Save Trapped Deer [VIDEO]