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Maine Fishing Water Laws Seek to Improve Tribal Health

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Regulations which will be in effect before Trump takes office aim to alter Maine fishing water laws for the better.

New laws issued by Federal environmental regulators seek to improve the water quality standards for Maine and its Native American tribes. The four native tribes eat large quantities of fish, and these news laws should reduce the water pollution levels as per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards. 

According to reports, "Fish consumption, used to calculate water quality standards, has been increased from the state's standard of about 30 grams a day to nearly 300 grams a day."

Although it's unclear to which waterways the new laws apply, industry representatives say under the new laws the economy of Main fishing could take a hit. The Portland Press Herald reports Maine's Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills reflects this view as well. 

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Maine Fishing Water Laws Seek to Improve Tribal Health