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Maine Firm Creates App to Explore National Parks Without Internet

One firm in Maine has created a cool app to help people navigate all 59 U.S. National Parks without Internet service. 

As the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service approaches, what better way to commemorate this feat than visiting one of the 59 parks? One Maine firm has used this occasion to create a neat app to help visitors get the best experience out of our nation's national parks.

The Portland, Maine-based Chimani has accomplished a feat that other firms haven't: achieving 100 percent coverage of the park system via smartphone-based guides users can download and use hassle-free.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the firm launched apps for 33 new parks at the end of May with the help of Subaru. Previously, Chimani covered only 26 national parks. Now it covers all 59. Here's more about the partnership from Chimani's blog:

Chimani, in partnership with Subaru of America, has announced the launch of 59 mobile app travel guides - one for each of the 59 iconic national parks - in celebration of the 2016 National Park Service Centennial.

The national park apps by Chimani not only serve as a powerful park navigation tool to help visitors explore some of the country's most beautiful areas, but also eliminate wasteful paper guides that end up in waste landfills. Subaru has partnered with Chimani to support the development of these new apps and to help educate visitors on the importance of reducing waste in national parks.

Chimani Founder and CEO Kerry Gallivan said the application's potential hasn't been fully realized yet.

"Now it's about building out each one of these parks to really elevate it to a higher level," Gallivan said in a telephone interview to Bangor Daily News. "It's really just the beginning."

"We're extremely excited to release the remaining national park apps," added Gallivan. "Our tremendous partners at Subaru have lead the way for waste reduction in parks, and by replacing paper travel guides, Chimani will help them accomplish this goal."

Although the purpose of exploring nature is to remove oneself from technology, having helpful guides for each park--especially in the form of  mobile applications--can help visitors enhance their experience and help them better navigate the parks. Let's hope Chimani inspires more people to go outdoors and explore all 59 national parks!

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Maine Firm Creates App to Explore National Parks Without Internet