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Maine Eagle Gets Help with Its Busted Beak

Facebook/Avian Haven

This Maine eagle sure got lucky. 

In early October, people on a roadway watched a bald eagle get struck by a car as it was eating roadkill. Quickly, onlookers called Avian Haven, a Maine bird rescue organization, who then turned around and called game warden Eric Rudolph. This is where the story gets interesting.

Luckily for this injured bald eagle, Rudolph is sort of an expert when it comes to handling large birds of prey.

“They can be pretty hard to catch just because they’re so big, and depending on the injury — well, this one was very mobile,” Rudolph said in an interview. “It was able to fly short distances close to the ground and it was able to run — and eagles can run really fast.”

Eventually, with the help of a good Samaritan, the Maine eagle was placed inside a large dog crate and handed over to Avian Haven. From there the rehabilitation began.

“The top of the beak was broken nearly off,” Diane Winn, one of the owners of Avian Haven reported. “The following morning, we clipped the beak and used a Dremel to shape the edge. Remarkably, the bird was otherwise uninjured.”

Luckily for this bird, it’s beak was injured in a way that it would grow back. With a little help and a few weeks of rest, this would be all that was needed to get it back on its feet.

As you can see in this release video, there was a great outcome to a scary story.

Being able to watch that beautiful eagle fly away, after what possibly could have been a fatal injury, has to be one of most rewarding feelings an animal rescuer could feel.

Good job, guys!


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Maine Eagle Gets Help with Its Busted Beak