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Mahi Mahi & Sailfish off Florida’s Coast in Kayak [VIDEO]

Kayak fishing off the coast of Florida is exciting enough, but add to that delicious mahi mahi, fighting sailfish and hammerhead sharks and you’ve got a recipe for some of the best fishing around.

When the fish you want aren’t biting, just catch a “trash fish” and throw in some bloody lure for sharks.

If that doesn’t work, keep trying for the delicious mahi mahi and keep on fishing.

If big fish and great fights are what you enjoy, then this video is for you.

Mahi mahi can give a big fight with lots of aerials. Not to mention the fact that you get to take it home, roll it in batter and deep fry it.

There is ample opportunity to experience fishing like this in many parts of the U.S. However, like other outdoor adventures, if you do not have the experience to execute this type of outing be sure to find local outfitters to assist.

Most will supply the equipment and fishing locations, but the most important thing an outfitter can supply is expertise in the environment.

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Mahi Mahi & Sailfish off Florida’s Coast in Kayak [VIDEO]