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Mahi-Mahi Beaches Itself On Australian Beach...But Why? [VIDEO]

While walking along a beach in Western Australia, Rhys Assan spotted a rare sight swimming straight towards him.

He took out his camera and began filming a colorful mahi-mahi heading right towards his feet. Mahi-mahi are rare sights in Western Australia. The fish typically lives in tropical waters at depths of 279 ft.

So what caused this fish to swim to shore?

We're not sure.

Assan reportedly tried to help the fish return to the deep sea, but it kept swimming back to the beach.

Have a look at this bizarre and rare encounter.

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Mahi-mahi, also known as dorado or dolphinfish, are one of the most highly sought after fish in the sea. They have brilliant colors and fight hard and jump high when hooked. They also have some of the tastiest flesh in the sea.

Why do you think the fish swam to shore? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 





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Mahi-Mahi Beaches Itself On Australian Beach...But Why? [VIDEO]