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Magpul’s New Stock Takes the 10/22 From Fun to Serious [VIDEO]


Ruger’s 10/22 rimfire rifle has been a popular gun for over 50 years. With this new stock from Magpul you can take yours to a new level.

Available in many different styles and known the world over for their reliability, the Ruger 10/22 is apart of many people’s collections. They are a perfect rimfire rifle for anything from sitting around plinking targets to taking down small game. Their amazing performance has caused quite a following for this particular firearm, and thanks to Magpul that following might just get a little bigger.

Magpul designed a new full-featured, ergonomic, reinforced polymer stock specifically for the Ruger 10/22. They call it the Hunter X-22, and is sure to make anyone who upgrades to it very happy. It sports a non-slip rubber butt pad, multiple sling mounting options, M-LOK accessory slots on forend and bottom, spots for additional add-ons, adjustable length and comb heights, and more. See it in action in the video below.

The awesome part about this stock is it can fit any of the 10/22 Rugers that are on the market without having to do anything special. Everything is drop-in ready and it accepts any capacity factory Ruger magazines. It even sports a reversible barrel tray to accept bull barrels.

You can pick this new stock up in four different colors for $139.95. They will be available for purchase later this summer where I’m sure a lot of people will be lined up to get one.

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Magpul’s New Stock Takes the 10/22 From Fun to Serious [VIDEO]