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Why MAGPUL’s CORE Breacher Glove is Worth Its Weight

Everyone loves a good explosion.

Explosions are even more fun to watch when you make the magic happen yourself.

See how breachers make it all happen with the MAGPUL Breacher Glove.

Handling small arms and small tools to prepare intricate munitions are the goal for this glove.

Operators can work with and take accurate measurements for placing the demolitions.

The Breacher Glove also allows operators to have very good protection when deploying explosives and while having their hands in close proximity when shooting projectiles at doors and hinges. Breaching can be very dangerous when you have to place your hands next to things that are concussive; there’s always a chance of injuring unprotected hands.

The glove features reinforced kevlar knuckles and still allows the user to be very dexterous with their manipulation of small objects. Critical details are obviously an issue when wearing protective gloves. The Breacher offers operators unparalleled simplistic ease of use when dealing with wires, rope, and sticky adhesives that can be binding or jam up other gloves during application.

The top side of the glove features the same protection with the quality leather that is applied to the bottom of the glove. This leather protects the hands from any back blast when used to breach doors with short barrel shotguns and when shooting at hinges. Back blast is definitely a concern and you need to have as much protection on your precious digits as possible.

Also featured on the glove is three finger touchscreen compatibility. MAGPUL realizes the critical use of electronic devices when dealing with demolitions. Thus having three finger compatibility is very beneficial to the troop on the ground paving the way for his team to follow.

Stay Vigilant.


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Why MAGPUL’s CORE Breacher Glove is Worth Its Weight