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The MAGPUL Ranch Glove Might Be the Perfect Thing for the Hardworking Outdoorsman

The time has finally arrived for a Ranch glove that doesn’t give you any bull.

The Ranch glove is the no frills glove you need when you have to deal with a 1-ton beast.

Hanging on for dear life is not something we initially think of when we have to look at a new glove to incorporate into our everyday gear. Then again how many people suit up to go ride an animal capable of tossing a full-sized man in the sky?

The Ranch Glove from MAGPUL is definitely made for this kind of situation. When grip is absolutely necessary and you can sacrifice a little on the finer details, this glove is the best choice. MAGPUL added some awesome features that bring this glove into the modern arena with a few add ins that would help the everyday user.

Touch screen sensitivity is a huge plus in the Ranch Glove. The user doesn’t have to take his glove on and off (which can be a very tedious task) when working long hours and trying to answer and make calls or texts with the glove on. Just think of how often you interact with your electronics on a daily basis, and think of how often you would have to quickly remove one or both gloves just to operate the screen of your device. That would get old really fast.

The other features of this glove include durable leather made of goat skin. An extended sleeve from the wrist will help protect against the bottoms of your forearms and wrists being exposed to the elements while you’re working. The fitted wrist is also a plus as it keeps the glove firmly seated while in use. Don’t forget the loops cut and stitched neatly into the leather so that you can attach it quickly to yourself with a carabiner

These will certainly help protect your hands from the elements and the animals. Neither are forgiving and neither will give you a second chance.


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The MAGPUL Ranch Glove Might Be the Perfect Thing for the Hardworking Outdoorsman