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Magpul Leaving Colorado In Protest Of Gun Control Laws

Magpul Industries, a Colorado-based gun accessories manufacturer, announced on Thursday that they are relocating out of state because of new gun control laws.

The company, which manufactures AR-15 magazines and accessories, will move their operations to Wyoming and Texas.

The decision to move is based on a package of gun control laws that Colorado enacted last year. One of the laws bans ammunition magazines that contain more than 15 rounds, along with smaller magazines that can be easily modified to a larger size. Two additional gun control laws enacted last year require universal background checks for all gun buyers and for gun buyers to pay for their background checks.

That legislative package irked Magpul enough to make preparations to move out of state.

The company chose Texas and Wyoming partly because both states’ have more attractive tax systems and governments that are less restrictive to gun manufacturers.

“Moving operations to states that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important,” Magpul’s chief executive officer said in a press release sent out on Thursday.

Magpul’s manufacturing facilities will move to Cheyenne, Wyoming, while the company’s headquarters will move to an undetermined location in Texas.

9News in Colorado reported that the company will move 92 percent of their current workforce out of the state within the next 16 months.

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Magpul Leaving Colorado In Protest Of Gun Control Laws