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Sick of Your Wet Boots Squeaking? Magnum Boots Are Quiet as a Mouse

Magnum Boots

First rule of combat: always take care of your feet.

Yeager pitches products that only help students get through his class easier. He sees students come through with many different products and most finish just fine.

However, when he notices a piece of gear he thinks will benefit his students he gives his opinion on it. Magnum Boots are a brand he definitely likes and has many years training with them.

These Magnum boots are rigid enough to protect your feet from debris and sharp items on the ground, yet gummy enough to feel like a sneaker. Thats pretty much as good as it gets.

The boots feature side zippers and tan suede. The sole is anti slip, and oil resistant. Yeager also notes one critical aspect to these boots. They don’t squeak when wet. I have a pair of Danner Acadias that are much more expensive, but squeak when wet. That will clearly give away your position if you’re in an urban environment

If you protect your feet, you are always mobile. This was a hard lesson learned in the Civil War and also WWI. Keep your feet dry and protected and your day begins on a good step.



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Sick of Your Wet Boots Squeaking? Magnum Boots Are Quiet as a Mouse