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The Maglula Benchloader Should Be Your Next Tactical Purchase [VIDEO]

Need to load a lot of magazines fast? The Maglula Benchloader is the answer.

The Maglula is a speed loader that helps load up to 30 rounds in one magazine in as little as one swipe. The patented design will have your 30 round mag loaded in less than 30 seconds.

One the largest selling features of the Maglula is the ease of use. Gone are the days of dirty stripper clips that require a special tool to force ammunition down the magazine. Previous methods would also wear on the arch of the magazines causing mags to fail or miss feed.

You can forget about basic maintenance needs as the Maglula requires no maintenance or special lubricants. Considering that the winter months are nearing, you can operate the speed loader with gloves on.

Take it to the range or bolt it into your armory. The Maglula is portable and small enough to fit in a range bag. Simple tools like this make shooting a lot more fun. Leaves more time for sending lead down range versus having to perform basic maintenance.

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The Maglula Benchloader Should Be Your Next Tactical Purchase [VIDEO]