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Now This is a Magical Early Morning Elk Hunt

An early morning in the elk woods is not only magical, but it can be spiritual as well.

A nice big bull elk rubbing and thrashing then the sound of a distant bugle gets your attention as well as his. The bow is drawn and the air is still.

After hard hunting in a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hunt, this morning proved incredible and fruitful. Multiple elk move around and surround the group of hunters high in the mountains. Woods time is important for renewal of the soul. It doesn’t hurt when you can draw back a bow, too.


When elk run past your setup within inches, the feeling is more than exhilarating. The boys at Got Hunts did it upright on this elk hunt.

A hunt like this is a part of the dreams of every big game hunter. Every bowhunter has fantasies of pulling back on a nice bull elk.

If this video doesn’t whet your appetite and make you wish for fall during these hot summer days, I don’t know what will.



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Now This is a Magical Early Morning Elk Hunt