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Magazine Spring Kits Keep Your ARs Running Smoothly

magazine spring kits

As all avid shooters know, magazines are a wear and tear item.

Keep the tolerances tight with fresh magazine springs and you’ll thank yourself for thinking ahead.

The spring compressing and releasing is literally the Achilles heel of the box magazine. The spring issue applies to all magazines and you will need to address that as they become older with time.

Other magazines like the AK are made of different components that are a little rougher. The angle of feed also has a different effect on how the spring is compressed within the magazine.

Overall, Brownell’s recommends the best spring kit that would work best for your climate. Environments with more moisture in the air is going to need the stainless steel spring, while more arid desert enrivornmens will likely be best suited for the chrome silicone springs.

Springs are important. Keep extras handy and you will never need to worry about your box mags when going down range.



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Magazine Spring Kits Keep Your ARs Running Smoothly