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Made in the USA: Brute Outdoors


We’re proud to share the stories of outdoor companies made in the USA.

At Wide Open Spaces, we’re big fans of American-based outdoor companies, and we want to make sure you’re aware of all the great products or services that are made and sold right here in our own hometowns, neighborhoods and backyards.

In cooperation with True Sportsman, an apparel company specializing in genuine American-designed and American-made products, this is our new regular feature on the companies that are located and operate within our borders, where the outdoors is a timeless and deep tradition.

Today we’re highlighting Brute Outdoors, a cooler and accessory company that takes real pride in good old fashioned American craftsmanship. Learn about the company through our Q&A with co-founder Jeremy Denson below, and be sure to visit for more.

150QT-SAND1Where and when was your company founded?

Fort Worth, TX in 2011

Who are the founders/leaders?

Father and son team of Dennis and Jeremy Denson

Brute-Bottle-Opener-main1Where is it headquartered now?

Fort Worth, TX

How many employees (or jobs created) does your company have?

Four full-time employees plus a Manufacturing Team, Sales Team and Design/Web Team

How did your company get its start?

We recognized that there was a need for a high-end cooler that wouldn’t break the bank back in 2011. We produced our first generation cooler line for about a year starting in 2011. We were persistent in collecting customer feedback and started designing what we thought was the ultimate cooler in 2012. The custom lid graphics, built-in ruler and dual drain plugs were all based on this customer feedback. We listened to hundreds of pieces of feedback, re-designed the product from the ground up and started manufacturing coolers here in America. It was always our dream and our plan to move product to the US and nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping create American jobs.

Check out this comparison video from  on Vimeo.

What were some early or on-going challenges faced?

Anytime you launch a new product from scratch, you’ll experience some growing pains. We went through this process as many other companies have in the past. We continued to invest in and refine our product line to truly ensure it’s the best on the market. We’re not content with making a great cooler, we want to make the best cooler. For this reason, we’ve put product development at the forefront of our focus and continue to innovate in this market.

What are your company’s best sellers?

The 50 Quart Brute Box is our best seller. It’s made in the USA and features more insulation than the competition as well as custom lid graphics, a built-in ruler, dual drain plugs, open grab rails for securing the cooler, beefy rubber feet and a heavy-duty gasket that retains ice as good or better than anything on the market.

What new products or plans were recently unveiled or are in the works?

We recently released the Brute SoftPak which is a premium soft-sided cooler. It features a rugged 1000 denier vinyl shell that’s tear resistant up to 375 pounds. With nearly an inch of insulation, it keeps ice for up to 24 hours in 110 degree heat. We also added Molle webbing to allow people to customize their cooler by adding pouches and pockets to carry all of their gear. It’s the perfect personal or kayak cooler for someone looking to keep a 12-pack ice cold.


Why did you choose to make your products in the US, when it’s generally cheaper to do overseas?

It’s certainly cheaper to manufacture overseas and those higher margins can be very tempting for some companies. However, there’s a sense of accomplishment and pride in manufacturing here in America. When most companies are sending more and more jobs overseas, we want to be a part of the movement that’s creating jobs here. We’re confident that American labor produces a superior product with better quality control. We’ve seen it firsthand. Additionally, we can adapt to changing customer needs much quicker.

How is your company contributing to the betterment of the outdoor industry?

We’ve partnered with several conservation organizations, parks and wildlife departments and veteran groups to help raise money for conservation, safe hunting and helping former troops get out in the fields or on the water. The more organizations we can partner with, the bigger impact we can have so if you’re aware of any group that would like to partner, we encourage you to please reach out to us.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Please be sure to check out our website or follow us on your favorite social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Made in the USA: Brute Outdoors