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How It’s Made: Fishing Line [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how fishing line is made? Take a look at how one of our favorite necessities for outdoor ventures is produced.

Like most fancy things in this world, it takes precision and accuracy, along with some fine tuning, to make fishing line what it is.

As easy as it is to go grab a few packs from our local stores, you may be curious as to how it’s made, so take a look at the video here from the Science Channel and you can find out for yourself.

Science can be awesome, and when it comes to learning about the fishing line that helps us reel in those monsters, we’re all ears.

It’s always nice to know how things are made, especially an important asset to one of our most favorite outdoor activities: fishing. Next time you break a string, maybe you’ll have a better understanding of why, and can prevent it from happening again.

We all want to get that fish to shore!

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How It’s Made: Fishing Line [VIDEO]