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They Made That Deer Sculpture Out Of What?

A city in British Columbia was surprised to find an unusual and rather uncouth deer sculpture on the steps of City Hall late last month.

The CBC reported that in late January, an anonymous artist left a deer sculpture made from deer scat on the steps of Pendicton City Hall as way to show their displeasure with the city’s urban deer problem.

Apparently the message got through loud and clear.

“That was a very effective way of communicating with us that there was a problem out there that needed to be resolved,” Penticton Mayor Garry Litke told the CBC.

Penticton considered two options to deal with their urban deer problem: Cull the deer or relocate them to another region. The city chose the latter, and has since allocated $15,000 towards moving the deer out of the city. Although, culling was the less expensive option and would have likely been the more effective way to deal with the deal. The CBC reported that Penticton wanted to see how a legal battle over an urban deer culling program in another British Columbia town played out before they made a decision.

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That community was the town of Invermere, located approximately 530 km northeast towards the Alberta border. Invermere decided to cull their urban deer rather than relocate them, which upset a group known as the Invermere Deer Protection Society. They fought Invermere’s deer culling program in court, but lost and were ordered to pay the town’s $20,000 legal fees. That decision partly affected Penticton’s move to relocate the urban deer rather than cull them.

Pendicton officials are now seeking contractors to help relocate the deer out of the city to places like a nearby Native American reservation. But judging by the anonymous artist’s deer sculpture, that decision might not be enough to please the public.

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They Made That Deer Sculpture Out Of What?