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Maddie and Tae Enjoy Some Fishing Fun in “Shut Up and Fish”

Female country duo Maddie and Tae have just released a fun, lighthearted new music video about fishing.

Country newcomers Maddie and Tae have released a new music video showcasing their love of fishing in “Shut Up and Fish.”

Madison “Maddie” Marlow and Taylor “Tae” Dye, who won a Country Music Association (CMA) Award for Video of the Year with their hit “Girl in a Country Song,” are back with this deliciously ironic yet funny video.

In the video, the girls act out a play-by-play of an actual double date they went on gone awry.  Their fishing is interrupted by a guyplayed by Dye’s brother, Masonwho’s only interested in getting their attention. Afterwards, the duo plays pranks on him as a result of him ruining their day out in the water.

Below is the full music video.

Unsurprisingly, the country duo are avid anglers. They won second place overall and first place for biggest bass at last summer’s Boots and Hearts Bass Classic presented by Cabela’s.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Maddie gave some context behind the song:

“One of the best things about video is you can say things with humor that need saying, and it’s okay,” Tae adds. “Our parents were all about you stand up for yourselves… You can do whatever you dream, and you don’t need a boy to go fishing or be whole. Funny thing is: I don’t think any of our parents realized they were feeding our songwriting.”

The overall takeaway from “Shut Up and Fish” should be that everyone- regardless of age or gender- can enjoy fishing. As anglers, we can relate to feeling interrupted while fishing. While it’s characteristic of male anglers to be bothered by distractions while fishing, the same feeling is shared by female anglers too. We all just want to fish without any distractions!

It’s encouraging to see more people taking up fishing–especially women and young people. The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and Outdoor Foundation noted this trend in their annual report. There were 2.4 million new anglers added in 2014, signaling the growing popularity for this American pastime.

Shut up and fish, everyone!

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Maddie and Tae Enjoy Some Fishing Fun in “Shut Up and Fish”