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Maddie Brenneman Featured in Best Headlamp Ad Ever

It’s hard to tell if this ad is about Maddie Brenneman or the headlamp.

There is little doubt left that Maddie Brenneman is a fly fisherman that is becoming a household name in many fishing circles across the country. As a matter of fact, we featured her last year in this piece predicting her rise in popularity. As it turns out, Led Lenser USA has taken notice as well.

This extremely motivational short film series features Brenneman, not only as a fly fishing guide, but also as woman in the industry breaking barriers. They artistically illustrate exactly what motivates many of us to do the things we do and also aspire to be, not just on the water with a rod in hand, but also in life on our own individual journey.

All of this is done through the eyes of Maddie Brenneman.

Videos just like this has brought fly fishing into a new era. This proves there is so much more to fishing than just going out and catching a fish. It’s an art form. It’s an undeniable skill that fly fishermen have to discover if they truly want to advance in their practice.

This excellent video exemplifies what has propelled Brenneman to where she is today, and as you can tell, her star is only shining brighter.


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Maddie Brenneman Featured in Best Headlamp Ad Ever