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Machinist Builds Badass AR-15 Sentry Gun [VIDEO]

AR-15 sentry gun

This self-targeting AR-15 sentry gun is an impressive combination of machining and technology.

The AR-15 is one of the most versatile weapon platforms in the world. It can fit so many different applications, and now we can officially add sentry gun to that list.

Using a combination of CNC machining, an Arduino micro-controller, a camera, and some other tech goodies, NYC CNC put together this very cool AR-15 sentry gun.

While this AR-15 sentry gun project might not be as easy as adding a new accessory to a Piccatinny rail, it also isn’t impossible or too expensive.

With the right tools and a little know how, you could be shooting your own AR-15 sentry gun someday!

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Machinist Builds Badass AR-15 Sentry Gun [VIDEO]