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Maasai Tribesmen Steal Kill from Lions [VIDEO]

It either takes a lot of courage or a lot of hunger to consider doing what the Maasai tribesmen in this video do to some lions.

The African plains are a tough place to survive for everything from the smallest antelope to the top predators. The next meal is never guaranteed and predators like lions will fiercely defend their kills. However, the Maasai tribesmen in this video walk right up to a feeding pride of lions and manage to steal part of their wildebeest kill. You have to see this to believe it.

The tribesman approach the lions with confidence and as a group. This confuses the lions and they scatter with uncertainty. The tribesmen only have a few seconds to cut off part of the wildebeest and retreat to a safe distance before the lions realize what is going on.

It is a dangerous game. The bows and arrows carried by the Maasai are no match for a group of charging lions.


The Maasai tribesmen were successful this time and made off with a nicely-sized haunch of wildebeest meat. They got their meal for another day and did it in one of the most badass ways possible.

Not too shabby.

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Maasai Tribesmen Steal Kill from Lions [VIDEO]