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See M60 E6 Machine Gun As Reviewed by Hickok45

Hickok45 does one heck of a review of the post-Vietnam era machine gun.

Hickok45 breaks down the upgrades that are bringing the 1960s era belt-fed squad automatic weapon into the 21st century. The M60 had a legacy in Vietnam as being a true war fighting gun.

The M60 kept the Vietcongs’ heads down long enough for the troops to make their advances, even if it was just inches at a time.

The dense jungle terrain and the high jungle moisture made a lot of the weapons break down and get sluggish when trying to function. The M60 had a very specific sound and the Vietcong was very much aware when the gun was out that they pretty much had to keep down or away.

Take a look at how Hickok45 doesn’t bounce around a lot when managing the recoil from the gun. He keeps a positive lean and is able to effectively keep suppressive fire on a select group of smaller targets. I love anything belt fed and Hickock does the gun justice in this video. Happy training.



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See M60 E6 Machine Gun As Reviewed by Hickok45