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M240 Bravo is the Perfect Watermelon Removal Device


The M240 Bravo does great at turning watermelons into watermelon soup, 100 gallons of water into a geiser, and propane tanks into a fiery explosion.

“Guys, these things are a boatload of awesome. They are so much fun to play with.” That’s what Eric from Iraqveteren8888 and Moss Pawn and Gun has to say about the M240 Bravo.

The M240 Bravo (formerly known as the FN Mag) is an all-purpose machine gun. The gun features a quick interchangeable barrel system, simple gas system, and great durability and resilience. But for our purposes, it’s just plain fun to shoot and watch being shot.

He starts off by turning a pile of watermelon into mush, with bits of melon flying everywhere. Then he dings some steel at around 100 to 200 yards in the prone position. The machine gun’s echoes from the session sound extremely cool.

“A bunch of steel with a bunch of dings all over it,” says Eric. “That is a good day!”

Then they’ve stacked up 21 5-gallon blaze orange pales, each filled with water. That’s over 100 gallons of water on a hot day. “We’ll see if we can cool things off with the 240 here,” he says before turning all of those pails full of H2O into a watery torrent. “That’s a thing of beauty right there!”

Finally, “We have to end with a fiery bang,” smiles Eric. “So I’ve got six propane bottles down there with a bunch of road flares. We got a 240 Bravo with a belt of ammo. I think you guys can see where this is going. Hold onto your butts!”

Indeed! That fireball was awesome! They’ve got a little bit of a side fire going there that needs to be addressed, if Eric can stop laughing uproariously. That was some good clean fun.

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M240 Bravo is the Perfect Watermelon Removal Device