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The M-14: A Premier U.S. Battle Rifle that has Made a Comeback

The 7.62mm M-14 Battle Rifle is an iconic U.S. combat weapon that is making a comeback on the battlefield.

The M-14 battle rifle is the iconic weapon of the U.S. grunt. It instantly invokes images of U.S. Marine Corps infantrymen in the vicious struggles of South Vietnam in the 1960s. This rifle served admirably up until it's replacement by the M-16 5.56mm rifle.

Have a look at the fascinating history of this American weapon that served U.S. soldiers well; however the story of the M-14 is not just in the past, it and its updated models have been making a comeback on modern battlefields.

The 7.62mm M-14 battle rifle performed excellently in austere conditions so it is surprising how short its service life was between 1957 and the mid 1960s with replacement by the M-16 family of lighter rifles.

However it has recently made a comeback for U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan seeing employment with Special Operations Forces and infantry units.

It seems this old warhorse can just be dusted off and returned to active duty and still be a match against insurgents. It provides the penetration and knockdown power needed for the small team actions in the desert and built-up-areas of the modern battlefield.

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The M-14: A Premier U.S. Battle Rifle that has Made a Comeback