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Does This Lure Pass the Pool Test? [VIDEO]

How does this lure stand up when tested? Watch as this angler throws the Jackall Gantarel through the gauntlet in his pool.

Is there anything that this bait can’t do? This lure is sure to get reaction strikes from those shy monsters, that aren’t ready to fully commit. The attention to detail on the Jackall Gantarel is unparalleled.

The fish-eye view of this bait is something that has to be seen. Watch as the angler mimics the different movements of a baitfish. It can dart. It can turn on a dime. Ask yourself, are you convinced? If you were a bass in the grass, would you be impressed?

The Gantarel is packed with features. From nose to tail, it starts with a swiveling line tie to ensure that your line doesn’t twist while casting and fishing. Next, there is a chin hanger that gives an angler the option of hanging weight to give the lure a slow diving action. Hanging from the belly are two feathered and swiveling treble hooks to create extra flash and security of the catch. At the very end, the tail is has an eye molded into it, where anglers can add an optional trailer hook.

There’s a saying that either you believe that life imitates art, or the other way around. The new Jackall Gantarel is about as close to an actual baitfish as one could get. This lure comes in eight extremely realistic baitfish patterns. If you fish waters with big bait fish, pan fish or big bass, then this lure is a must for your tackle box. Put your order in today and get ready to catch some massive bass!


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Does This Lure Pass the Pool Test? [VIDEO]