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Lunkerhunt Ice Fishing Rods Make Impressive Debut at ICAST [VIDEO]

Images via Lunkerhunt

The new Lunkerhunt First Ice line of rods will have you begging for winter to come.

A new line of Lunkerhunt ice fishing rods made their debut at the 2015 ICAST show. The new rods, officially called First Ice rods, will help many an angler land some big fish through hard water once ice fishing season arrives again.

Unique vertical blank technology makes these Lunkerhunt ice fishing rods extremely durable and sensitive. All it will take is one quick look at the video below to understand just how impressive the action on these rods is.

This line of ice fishing rods offer the backbone necessary to haul even the biggest walleye, pike, or muskie out of the icy depths while maintaining the soft touch necessary to detect bites.

Lunkerhunt ice fishing rods

They come in vibrant, neon colors to help them stand out against the sometimes less-than-ideal conditions that ice anglers face.

The Lunkerhunt First Ice rods are available in both a 30-inch fluorescent yellow model and a 34-inch hunter orange model. Both models feature a universal reel seat to allow the use of any style of reel.

Lunkerhunt ice fishing rods

If you are in the market for a new ice fishing rod, check out Lunkerhunt ice fishing rods and the First Ice model line.

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Lunkerhunt Ice Fishing Rods Make Impressive Debut at ICAST [VIDEO]