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Lunker Largemouth Bass Swallows a GoPro [VIDEO]

A lunker largemouth bass tries to eat this guy’s GoPro. It then hangs around long enough to get caught!

YouTube user Kelsey Salman saw a big spawning female largemouth bass on a bed in Allen, Texas. When he tried to hook it up, the bass tried to eat his GoPro camera!

Amazingly, the big bass wasn’t spooked enough to leave. It ultimately ate the juicy nightcrawler Salman dangled in front of it.

Well, this video dispels a common line of thinking among anglers: If our bait has weeds or muck on it, nothing will ever eat it.

Spawning bass are extremely territorial and will do some strange things when they’re on a bed.

Sight fishing is one thing, but this guy had a big bucketmouth inhale his camera before it ever decided to go after the bait.

Maybe it’s time to attach a set of treble hooks on my GoPro!

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Lunker Largemouth Bass Swallows a GoPro [VIDEO]