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Lunker Largemouth Bass Attacks Bait Right at the Boat [VIDEO]

Sometimes fish bite, sometimes they don't. This largemouth bass tries to take the whole pole. 

This is one of those videos that make us want to keep our fingers and toes out of the water. It's one thing for a big largemouth to be so aggressive; it's another for it to try to bite the end of your pole off.

Get ready as this largemouth bass attacks a swim frog really close to the boat.

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Tarpon fishing for the uninitiated

Varying your retrieve is one of the great ways to induce a strike. Some fish just need that little change in motion to set them after your lure.

Largemouth bass are as prone to turn on and off as any other game fish. If someone would have told me that the way to catch a slob bucket-mouth is to reel in as fast as you can until you get six inches from the tip of the pole, I'd have tried it by now.

Next time.

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Lunker Largemouth Bass Attacks Bait Right at the Boat [VIDEO]