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Lunker Bass Sighted in Nevada Waters [VIDEO]

Filmed at Lake Mead in Nevada, this video documents a lunker bass swimming in the water.

This huge lunker bass is one of the striped varieties that exist in the waters of Lake Mead, Nevada.

Check out this footage of a lunker bass swimming around the dock, just asking to be reeled in by the next available fisherman.

Was that a lunker bass or what? The size of that massive fish is enough to make any angler eager to drop a line in the water and catch it.

This video just goes to show that even though you thought all the lunker bass were already caught, there are still a few out there.

Next time you hit the water in search of that lunker bass, be sure to bring your camera and document your awesome catch. That is, if you can find a fish that big.

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Lunker Bass Sighted in Nevada Waters [VIDEO]