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The Lunar Rover of Surf Fishing Carts [VIDEO]

This might be the coolest surf fishing cart I have ever seen.

Nicknamed “The Lunar Rover,” this surf fishing cart allows you to carry all the gear you need and all the fish you will catch.

Check out the video to see why it is so cool.

This cart has it all. It can hold ten rods, a five gallon tackle box, a bait bucket, sand spike holders, and a cooler for storing your fish (and beer). It even has optional headlights.

Besides its huge capacity, this surf fishing cart handles like a dream, even when loaded with several hundred pounds of fish and gear. The secret is the Wheeleez polyurethane wheels that make the cart float like a feather across the beach.

Has this fisherman taken surf fishing cart building to an unhealthy level? You be the judge. As for me, I’m just wondering where I can get one…

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The Lunar Rover of Surf Fishing Carts [VIDEO]