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This Lumberjack Has Kahunas the Size of Texas


Ever think your job just isn't that cool? Well, this video will make you do just that.

Hold your breath, because this is about to get real. This lumberjack shows you just how crazy he is while he is suspended from a tree, chainsawing the top half off.

I am no expert lumberjack, but I have grown a pretty big beard a time or two. But I know enough to know that this guy here has some kahunas, and this is one dangerous profession.

Many horrible things could go wrong, but this guy very successfully cuts the top of this tree down and you are going to want to see it.

Here's the video:

As you watch, you anxiously await the final result. And when the chainsaw finally makes it through the tree, the rest is mesmerizing.

The treetop falls, which seems to take forever, crashing through surrounding trees until it meets the ground. That gives you a real appreciation of just how high he actually is.

Just another day at the office.

Sometimes, thoughts cross your mind, and you think of just how boring your job actually is. This video will do nothing but feed those thoughts with more material that make that thought a reality.

As you staple papers and sign off on documents, this guy is a hundred feet up, hanging by a harness, running a chainsaw, and watching treetops crash to the forest floor.

It takes a special person.

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This Lumberjack Has Kahunas the Size of Texas