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Luiza Goes Swimming with Lionfish in the Caribbean

Taking to the majestic waters of Curacao, Luiza helps to fight the lionfish from taking over the precious reefs.

Lionfish are known to be an invasive species as they reproduce at a fast rate and aggressively take over certain water habitats.

Watch as Luiza, armed with a spear, dives deep into the Caribbean Sea aiming to do her part in the lionfish fight.

Although the lionfish is pretty to look at Luiza knows that this species is a threat to a healthy Caribbean reef community. The lionfish are invasive and as such many communities around the globe have no limit on them.

As you just saw, Luiza was armed with a spear and she was able to kill a couple lionfish accurately and easily. This is just one of the many things that can be done to help combat this dangerous fish.

Now that you've seen it done by a pro, consider taking to the sea and doing your part in the fight. It will mean a healthier community for all in the long run.


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Luiza Goes Swimming with Lionfish in the Caribbean