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Luckyworm: The Premier Outdoor Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers

Luckyworm is bridging the gap for consumers and sellers who desire quality handmade goods. 

Over the past few months, I've been speaking with developers of, an e-commerce marketplace dedicated to the makers of high quality outdoor sporting goods.

Luckyworm allows for craftsmen and women who create handmade goods like calls, lanyards, custom baits, plaques to build virtual storefronts on the website for all outdoor enthusiasts.

For the Consumer

luckyworm hunting handmade goods

If you're a consumer, Luckyworm offers quality handmade goods that would otherwise be difficult to find and purchase. The selection on the website is steadily growing which allows for a variety of handmade and custom products to be purchased.

The products on the website are great for gifts due to the personalization and customization. Currently, the top selling products are a copper turkey call and a custom sling/strap for steadier shooting.

For the Entrepreneur

Lucky Worm

Building a website for a small businesses as a new entrepreneur can be a daunting and intimidating task. Luckyworm's marketplace makes it easy for anyone to make an online store and start selling their handmade hunting, fishing, or camping goods.

In my opinion, this website is perfect for business owners who don't have the time to build a website and perform the regular website maintenance. The platform allows business owners to easily add their products to the website and start selling quickly

The next time you're looking for unique custom made product, check out Luckyworm and support small businesses.


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Luckyworm: The Premier Outdoor Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers