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Lucky Ladies: IGFA Expands Records to Include Females

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) announced a new female category for records and recognition.

With a recent and groundbreaking change, the IGFA will separate men’s and women’s record categories starting April 1, 2014. This move will open up opportunities previously unachievable, with freshwater line class and fly rod records no obtainable in a gender-specific category.

Saltwater species have already been separated between men and women, but this marks the first time freshwater and fly fishing records will be recognized by the association based on sex. When the IGFA expands records in this fashion, it should be considered a win for the female contingency of anglers in America and beyond.

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Current freshwater line class and tippet class records will be placed in their respective categories on April 1, based on the angler’s gender. Retired records won’t be reinstated, so the vacancies now available should number in the 100s. Any catches made prior to April 1 won’t be eligible for the new classifications.

Do you think this is a good move for the recreational fishing industry? What record do you want to go after? Share your thoughts below.

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Lucky Ladies: IGFA Expands Records to Include Females