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Lucky Deer Barely Escapes Huge Explosion [VIDEO]

This is one lucky deer.

We don’t know where this video was filmed, but it was posted to YouTube in late January. Pay attention to the two deer in the top half of the screen. One of them is standing on the snowy cliff, while its buddy is looking on from the woods. After a few seconds an air horn sounds in the distance. The deer in the forest runs off, but Bambi stays on the cliff almost paralyzed. It surely did not expect what was about to happen next.

A massive demolition explosion goes off, sending the cliff cascading to the ground. On first viewing, we thought our furry friend didn’t make it out alive, but that was not the case. Watch the upper right hand corner of the screen as the explosion goes off. The lucky deer made it out in one piece. A lucky deer indeed.

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What do you think about this lucky deer? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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Lucky Deer Barely Escapes Huge Explosion [VIDEO]